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The Australian Guide to Disney Parks

The Australian Guide to Disney Parks
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Month: April 2018

Disneyland Entertainment: Pyromania, Parades and Pantomime

While the unique rides of Disneyland are the reason I love going, many¬† simply go for the atmosphere and fantastic entertainment. There are plenty of options available for these types of visitors, including the world famous fireworks, the Fantasmic Nighttime Read more…

Top Tips: Managing Disneyland Rides

It’s the age old question: How do I plan my day at Disneyland to ensure I get on all the rides I want to, with limited wait times? I’m sure this question resonates profoundly with all of you so I Read more…

Tomorrowland: The Future Today?

Our journey through the rides and attractions of Disneyland has, sadly, almost concluded. We have indulged in our adventurous, fantastical and historical side and now comes the time to look to the hope of the future at Tomorrowland…well sort of Read more…