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Down Under Disney

Down Under Disney in Disneyland

It has been a very long time between drinks but being a teacher and a Disney Parks blogger is no easy feat in November and December. Something had to give so I decided that I had better do the work I actually get paid for, during this period. 

While I have a couple of posts waiting in the wings, for the final touches, I decided to hold off on them to announce some very exciting news. 

Down Under Disney is heading to Disneyland from Saturday 15th December! Yes, after three long years we will be taking to the streets of the Happiest Place on Earth to bring you plenty photos, videos and news! 

To keep up to date with the trip check out and like our Facebook Page. 

We will be back Christmas Eve so Merry Chrsitmas and keep an eye out for new and updated posts in the New Year!

Anthony O’Shea

Down Under Disney

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