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Disneyland Resort California: Flights

Living on a cotinental, albeit beautiful, island often makes flights difficult and expensive. However awesome it would be, we cannot simply jump into a chalk painting, catch the Casey Junior Train or take a magic carpet to have our dreams fulfillled. Indeed, in the words of my friend Boromir here…


While it would be ridiculous of me to suggest what airline you should choose on the 12-14 hour trip, over the Pacific (yes it is worth it), to Los Angeles, I will offer you some basic information to help you on your way.



At the time of this post, Brisbane (2 flights), Melbourne (3) and Sydney (5) all have direct flights to Los Angeles. If you are in any other part of Australia you will have to stop in at least one of these cities on your journey.

From Sydney the carriers for these flights include: QANTAS, Virgin, Delta, American Airlines and United (Budget option). Melbourne are restricted to QANTAS and United, while Brisbane has the option of Virgin and QANTAS.

There are, of course, plenty of other options that include a minimum of one stop. Air New Zealand are a good airline and often have great deals to LA but you will be stopping in Aukland first. This will add about 4 hours to your total trip.

Depending on how much you like the beach, breaking up the trip with a visit to Hawaii can be cost effective and less stressful.


File:Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa by Anthony Quintano.jpg Flights

Stopping in Hawaii is a great way to break up your trip, especially if you stay at the Disney Aulani Resort. Image thanks to Anthony Quintano.



¬†On average tickets on direct flights cost between A$1100-1600. They can be more and also slightly less. There isn’t too much difference between the price of direct and indirect flights though so I would definitely choose the former.

Ultimately, the choice of flights and airlines is yours but I hope this post helps to get you started!

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