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Airport to Disneyland: Transport

The hard part is over and after the 12 hour, time defying flight, you’re feeling like Marty McFly, arriving at LAX Airport 4 hours earlier on the same day you departed.

As excited as you are to get going and collapse into your hotel bed you realise Anaheim is still at least 1 hour away, depending on your mode of transport.

So what is the best option to get from LAX to Disneyland? Once more this will depend on personal preference, budget and how many you have in your party. Below I will provide you with some of the most common/simple options.

Shuttle Van Service

There are countless Shuttle Van services all over LAX. They are cost effective, ride sharing transport that drop you at your hotel and are perfect for single travellers and couples.

Supershuttle and Prime Time Shuttles are among the best options in this category. A one way trip to Disneyland will cost you between US$15-20 plus a 15% tip. You can also book as a return trip for about US$30. I recommend pre-booking tickets but you can just show up on the day.

To catch these shuttle vans head outside your terminal and move to the Orange overhead sign that says “Ride Sharing Vans”. A shuttle may or may not be waiting for you and your party.

Here are the links for Supershuttle and Prime Time Shuttles.

Super Shuttle

Prime Time Shuttles

Disneyland Express Bus

 Similar to the shuttle vans but the Disneyland Express is a Greyhound style coach, making your trip much more spacious and comfortable. This transport option is perfect for families and my personal preference.

Tickets are about US$20 but kids under 11 RIDE FREE with an adult ticket purchase. Because it is a coach, car seats are not required, which makes it a lot easier if you have younger children.

Pick up is outside your terminal under the green overhead sign that reads “Fly Away Buses and Long Distance Vans”. It is a scheduled bus, leaving twice every hour. This means that it leaves the stop promptly at departure time whether it is full or not.

When I took this bus with my young family there were only 4 others on a coach that seats 50.

The link to the Bus is here: Disneyland Resort Express


Most of us know how Uber works by now. Download the App and you’re basically away. This will cost you US $40-60.

If you are sharing the ride with your travel buddies that works out to be only a max $30 each, no stopping for others or their hotels. Perfect option for solo travellers or parties of two or three.


Probably the worst of your legitimate transport options, as it can cost you over $100, plus tip!

Public Transport

Los Angeles is famous for its freeways not its Public Transport, so don’t bother!

Rent a Car

 If you are game enough to try driving on the other side of the road and are planning to do more than just Disneyland, then Renting a car is an option.

Personally I would go to Disneyland without a car and then rent one from a rent a car place near Disneyland.

I like to use Select Rent a Car on South Harbour Boulevard because it is close to hotels and always has exceptional reviews. I’m never disappointed; always receiving top class service. The owner even gave me his personal mobile number just in case we got into any scrapes, whether car related or not!

Here is the link: A Select Rent a Car

There we have all your transport options! Again, plenty of options for you! Not long now until we get to the good stuff so thanks for hanging in so far!

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