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Babes in Disneyland: Part 1

Let’s face it, due to Australia’s geographic location, a trip overseas with a baby requires careful planning and not a small amount of patience. Add in the Disney Parks factor and this holiday could quickly become a nightmare.

Now I’m certainly no expert in planning trips with babies but my wife Rachael is. For our trips to Disneyland I planned the fun stuff; where to go, what to do, how to wrought the FastPass System; while she spent 6 months reading blogs and watching videos on how to take a baby on a plane for 14 hours and enjoy 5 days at Disneyland.

With that said it’s over to the expert, Rachael!

Top Tips for Taking a Baby to Disneyland: The Journey

Many people put travelling with infants in the too-hard basket. We’ve now done Disneyland twice with a baby; once with a 10 month old and once with a 5 month old and have found that with a bit of careful planning it can actually work to your advantage.

Happiest baby in the Happiest Place on Earth!

1. The Aeroplane: What to Pack

While Anthony spent his time “researching” our trip by watching point of views of all the rides he was going to go on, I was a first time mum reading every blog I could on taking babies on aeroplanes.

There are a lot of great blogs on what to pack so I don’t want to go into too much detail on the subject but here are a few of the essentials:

  • At least 3 spare jumpsuits (Bonds Zippy Wondersuits are best) and a sleeping bag/wraps.
  • Enough nappies for the flight…then double it!
  • Large ziplock bags (in case of poo-splosions, dirty bibs and other emergencies.)
  • New toys that they haven’t seen yet. If the holiday has left you broke, hide some of their toys for 2 months before you leave and watch for the reaction when they’re reunited on the plane! If there are other babies on the flight, offer to swap toys for a bit!
  • Spare Dummies (You will lose them!)
  • Drink bottles, snacks and extra food pouches! Even if you book toddler meals on the plane you will always need more!
  • CHILDREN’S PANADOL! We’ve never actually needed to use it but a poor child on our last flight certainly did and her parents were so grateful!
  • Bonjella for teething babies.
  • Umbrella fold stroller. You can pick these up from Kmart for $20 but if you need one that fully reclines (for younger children) you’ll be looking at around $120.

2. The Aeroplane: Other

If you have ever wanted to get first class treatment for an economy fare then bring a baby on your next flight. Just follow these little steps.

Bring your Stroller to the Gate: I can’t speak for all airlines but with QANTAS you can hand over your stroller at the gate and get taken to the priority boarding area. This saves your arms and gets you on the plane early to get settled.

What line at immigration? Probably one of the best perks is being able to skip the line at immigration/quarantine. This occurs in US airports more often than Australian ones but, whenever we have landed in the US we’re basically straight through!

Extra Legroom? No extra cost: If your airline has fold down bassinets then book them as soon as you book your flight! These magnificent inventions not only allow your baby to sleep but give you some much needed extra legroom or crawling space!

3. Getting Around

Down Under Disney has covered this a little in an earlier post but getting around in a strange land needs to be as convenient and safe as possible with a baby.

Some people like to bring their own carseat and this is definitely recommended if you are planning to use a small shuttle van, Uber or take a taxi to get from A to B. These modes of transport will take you without a carseat but legally they are not allowed to; nor should you want to.

The Disneyland Railroad, fortunately, does not require a car seat 😛

For us, we found bringing the carseat along with everything else was too much to handle. As a result, we opted to go for the Disneyland Express (DLE) Coach to and from the airport and hired a car for a day or two, to see other attractions.

Being a coach, the DLE, does not require a carseat and you can simply hire one through any car rental company for when you want your car. These options obviously do cost a little more but s the convenience and safety is worth it!

The Disneyland Express is our choice of transport from the airport.

Attitude is Everything

I’m not going to pretend that everything was a picnic on our trips over to the States (Four changes of clothes, due to the effect of high altitude on children’s bowels, will attest to that.) but it was definitely more than doable. Attitude is everything. It’s never as bad as you think and people love babies right?

Stay tuned for part two of Babes in Disneyland where we share some of the best strategies and benefits of experiencing the parks with an infant.

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