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Disneyland Resort CA: When to Go

The door to your Boss’ office has never looked so daunting. You slowly approach, half expecting to see a troll guarding the entrance. A solitary bead of sweat forms on your brow. In your hand, the paper you hold flutters, as you pass the air vents.

Knock Knock. “Enter!” Comes the muffled but authoritative voice. He has his stamp ready. You hand him the paper. Thud! He hands it back. “Leave Approved”, it reads.


When to Go – Crowds

So far we have discussed the hows of getting to Disneyland we should probably discuss the whens! While it is fantastic that your leave has been approved, what’s more important are the dates you printed on your form. You may have already checked out some flights and hotels and based your decision on these factors already. However, it is really important to check out when peak times occur at the Disneyland Resort.

The graph below gives a rough guide to when the best times to go to Disneyland are in terms of queue times and crowd numbers.

*Image from Scottware


While this graph does not necessarily depict the exact wait times you’ll experience, it does accurately highlight the peak periods. Basically you want to avoid any American Public holiday! They are just the worst time to go if you hate queues and crowds. One they have neglected in this graph is Halloween on the 31st October. The Summer Holidays are also always busy along with Spring Break and Christmas Holidays.

The benefits of peak times, though, is that you are pretty much guaranteed to have all rides and attractions operational, as well as later operating hours. I recommend checking

If the peak times still don’t appeal, you will see big dips in numbers just after all major holiday periods. This doesn’t mean you should just pick any of these down times, as there are a few other factors to consider.

Early-mid December is the perfect time to go to Disneyland. Weather is good, crowds are down and Christmas theming is everywhere!


When to Go: Scheduled Maintenance

The first of these is scheduled maintenance. Most of this maintenance happens for major attractions in January and February, after the Winter break. Some attractions also generally close before Halloween and Christmas to receive special decorative overlays/extra experiences. Unscheduled maintenance can also occur, so you are not always guaranteed every attraction!

To see more about maintenance hop on here.

When to Go: Weather

The other major factor to consider when choosing a time to go is weather. In relation to climate, Anaheim bears a similarity to Sydney. It can be humid like Brisbane but also have a dry heat like Melbourne. Indeed, part of the reason Walt Disney chose Anaheim was for its stable climate. Basically, there is very little rain. A friend of ours (an LA local) told us that her almost three year old daughter had seen rain three times in her life; one of those times was when visiting Melbourne.

Below is a list of Average temperatures for times of year in Celsius


Summer: June/July/August – 31°

Autumn: Sep/Oct/Nov – 28°

Winter: Dec/Jan/Feb – 21° 

Spring: March/April/May – 24°

As you can see the weather is great in Anaheim all year round! It does, however, over summer it can be absolutely stinking hot. That coupled with larger crowds can spell an unhappy time.

So when should you go? With all factors taken into account, between the end of August and early December (excluding Public Holidays) is your best bet. Here you get good weather, lower crowds and ideally most rides and attractions should be in operation. Also going outside of Australia’s school holidays, makes flights cheaper. Let’s just hope your boss agrees!

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