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Disneyland Ticketing

Flights? Check! Hotel? Check! Shuttle? Check! Disneyland Tickets? Read on!

Disney provides many ticketing options to suit most travellers. It is structured like most theme parks throughout the world, in that the longer you stay the cheaper a day at the parks becomes. If you want to buy cheaper tickets on special elsewhere feel free but I will be dealing with the official Disneyland website, as prices are fixed anyway and you are guaranteed legitimacy.

Here is the link: Disneyland Ticketing

No matter how many days you are going for, with each ticket you have the option of doing one park (Disneyland or California Adventure) or buying a park hopper add on. This extra add on allows you to walk between both parks for a flat $US45, over the course of your stay (advisable). You can also add on a Max Pass for US$10 a day but this will be discussed in a later post.

Below is a list of each of the ticketing options for ages 10+. For kids between 3 and 9, minus $12 from adult tickets.

1 Day:

2 Days:

3 Days:

4 Days:

5 Days:

I know what you’re thinking! “$US350 per person, for 5 days? What a rip!” Yes it is expensive, especially if you have a larger family. But let’s put all of this into perspective.

Let’s take the 5 day park hopper pass, which is the most expensive, at $US350. If you divide that by 5, you’re paying US$70 per day. That’s $95 less than a one day park hopper! Now because there a two parks, divide that number by two and we have $35 per park per day! From this exquisitely¬†executed¬†Grade 3 mathematics, one conclusion can be drawn. Where possible avoid one day trips! Best value can be found in the 3-5 Day tickets.

Aside from price differences you’ll also notice in the above images that the 3-5 day passes also include one Magic Morning pass, with which you can enter the park an hour before the general public. More information about Magic Mornings can be found in the link provided already. Don’t forget that if you are staying at Disneyland Hotels, your tickets are included but you will need to upgrade to a park hopper if you would like to do two parks in one day.

Now that just about rounds up the getting there section of the blog! Don’t forget your passports and plane tickets and get excited!

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