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The Cost of Happiness 2: Hong Kong Disneyland

I like to the think of Hong Kong Disneyland as the “Layover Park”. It is often filled with people on business trips, or those on their way to other places, and is small enough to do in a day or two. For this reason, it is a great option for those on a budget.

I’m not writing this to review Hong Kong’s Disneyland or compare it to the other Disney Resorts but to give you a basic guide as to how much a trip here may cost the average Australian. With that said, let’s get into it.

Note: At the moment the political climate is pretty tense in Hong Kong so maybe hold off on planning your trip until you get the all clear.


Realistically you could pick up a super cheap return flight, with one stop, for around AUD $600. Non-Stop your looking at something between $900 and $1200. So, again let’s average it out and call it $900.

Running Total: $900 p/p

Plenty of options for flights to Hong Kong but Cathay Pacific is based in Hong Kong. Image from Altair.


There are a number of cheap transport options between Hong Kong Airpot, Hong Kong City and Disneyland. The cheapest and most convenient of these is the train. It only costs about AUD $12 p/p return and is an easy 30 minute trip.

Another reason to take the train in Hong Kong: The Disneyland Resort Line has Mickey everywhere.

With Uber or a Taxi you’re looking at between AUD$25-45 each way, for a 10 minute trip.

Conclusion: Train is probably best.

Running Total: AUD $912


So here’s the best part! Because we have already saved a whole lot we’re going to book one of the three Disney Hotels.

For the purposes of this exercise I’m just going to pick the cheapest option: Disney Explorer’s Lodge. If you book on sites like, a night here will cost you on average AUD$350 p/n. That means a four night stay will set you back $1400 a room.

You’ve saved on flights so why not splurge on a Disney Property Hotel? Image from Thwong Terry.

Running Total: $2312

Disneyland Tickets

Due to its size and the fact there’s just the one park, means you’re definitely going to save money here too. A standard two day park ticket (the most you can get) will cost you AUD $155 p/p.

There are plenty of fantastic shows to see at Hong Kong that are well worth the price of admission.

You could always add more days if you really wanted to but it will need to be purchased as a separate ticket.

Running Total: $2,467

Spending Money

If you are making the 9 hour journey to Hong Kong you are obviously not going to only do Disneyland for two days and go home. That being said, for the Disneyland part of your holiday I’d reserve around $700.

This amount will give you plenty of options for shopping, food and ensuring you are able to experience everything you need.

Running Total: $3,167

Using trackless technology, the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is among the most popular attractions at the resort.


With no visa required for Australian citizens, not too many extras are needed. Just ensure you’ve got your $500 emergency money and travel insurance ($120). If you don’t have a passport or need an upgrade add on $293.

And if you really want to splurge, order an itinerary from Down Under Disney, ranging between $40 and $100.

Grand Total

And our grand total for this Disney trip is: $4,080

Hong Kong is probably the cheapest you’re going to get for a Disney holiday and can be up to a grand cheaper if you are particularly thrifty.

Please keep in mind that this is a guide only and is reflective of what a standard holiday to this Disney Park should cost. Next up we tackle Shanghai Disneyland.

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