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Indiana Jones Adventure

Ride Specifications

Ride Type Dark/Thrill Ride
Parks/AreaDisneyland CA: Adventureland
Tokyo DisneySea: Lost River Delta
Full Name/sTemple of the Forbidden Eye (Disneyland
Temple of the Crystal Skull (DisneySea)
Height Requirements117cm +
Ride DurationMax. 4-5 Minutes
Year Opened1995/2001
Average Queue Times45-60 Minutes
RecommendationMust Do!


One of the only really positive things Michael Eisner did, while in charge of Disney Parks was to work closely with George Lucas and commission this ride.

The Indiana Jones Adventure attractions incorporate detailed theming, special effects and excellent ride technologies to give you a really thrilling experience. Even the queue to get on the ride is extremely detailed and interactive, so is probably the best one not to get a FastPass for (initially).

The Spectacular entrance to Temple of the Crystal Skull in Tokyo DisneySea.

Ride Description

Aside from a few story elements and theming the Disneyland and DisneySea versions of these rides are very similar. Subsequently, the description below refers to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye in Disneyland CA.

When you hop on board your Jeep shaped ride vehicle for the first time, you really have no idea what to expect. To prepare yourself for what it might be like, just think of the first scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark but triple the tension. You begin your journey by looking into the cursed eyes of a Cambodian looking statue and all hell breaks loose. You will encounter fire, snakes, blow darts to the face and even “the rolling boulder”, which you of course escape, with a stomach churning drop. All this while Indy does all the actual rescuing. The ride ends and once again you have survived another Adventure.

The comparatively understated entrance of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.


From the queue to the quest, this attraction is a definite MUST DO (For those who meet requirements)! While Your “Enhanced Motion Vehicle” (EMV) tosses you around the entire ride, to simulate the rough terrain, it never really feels too rough. Moreover, Disneyland, along with Tokyo DisneySea have the only Indiana Jones Rides of this type. Get on it!

Even the exit queue has great detail and full sized Mercedes Army Transports.

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