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The Enchanted Tiki Room

Attraction Specifications

Attraction TypeAudio-animatronic Show
ParksDisneyland CA
Magic Kingdom FL
Tokyo Disneyland
Age/Height RequirementNo (May scare young children)
Duration14 Minutes
Years Opened1963, 1971, 1983
Show TimesEvery 20 Minutes


The Enchanted Tiki Room is was the first ever fully audio-animatronic show in the world, with over 250 animatronics, half of them capable of singing. The Tiki Room theme was written by Disney Studio’s famous Sherman Brothers and tends to get stuck in your head. Here it is below.

The Insanely Catchy Tiki Room Theme.

Attraction Description

Upon entering The Enchanted Tiki Room, you settle into the pew like seats and are greeted by your four friendly bird hosts, Jose, Michael, Fritz and Pierre. After singing the theme song, the birds then lead you on a musical adventure featuring some traditional Polynesian folk songs. Through each section of the show more parts of the room come alive with singing birds, flowers and war masks. Eventually the entire room is singing and dancing with a rendition of the “Hawaiian War Chant” and you come away whistling the theme song. Good times.


This attraction is a real toss of the coin. I’ve got it down as obligatory, mainly because it is a Disneyland institution. Some will hate it, some will love it. I’m in between due to the history and innovation involved but would only go on once a trip (if that). 

Oh! Don’t forget to grab yourself a delicious Dole Whip (Pineapple Soft Serve) or Dole Whip float on your out! Delicious!

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