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Tarzan’s Tree House

Tarzan’s Treehouse

Attraction TypeWalkthrough
ParksDisneyland CA
Hong Kong Disneyland
Height RequirementsNo
Duration10-15 Minutes
Year Opened1999, 2005
RecommendationMay as well (Kids especially)
Hours Open-Close
Average Queue TimeNo Queue

Attraction Overview

Previously known as the Swiss Family Robinson Tree-house, at Disneyland CA, Tarzan’s Tree-House opened the same year as the animated film premiered and is a perfect exponent of synergy. It is a very photogenic attraction (especially in Hong Kong) with plenty of unique views of the parks.

In Hong Kong, the attraction opened with the park in 2005 and is on an island in the Middle of the Jungle River Cruise, accessible by rafts.

What a villain!

Attraction Description

Tarzan’s Tree-house is literally a walk up attraction with no queue. Climb the stairs, cross the rope bridge and you’ll find large scale figures of characters and wild animals from the movie. There’s old furniture strewn about and sound effects played throughout. It is quite detailed and well laid out with plenty to explore. Climb down the stairs on the opposite side and you’re done! All this while jungle versions of Phil Collins’ classic Tarzan Soundtrack plays throughout. Brilliant!

God save the Queen.


I consider Tarzan’s Treehouse a “May as well” attraction. It is a great little playground for kids between 6-12 years of age, as there is plenty to explore. The best part is there is no queue, so it is perfect for something to do as part of a wait for a FastPass Return (Indiana Jones maybe?).

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