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Disney Railroads

Ride Specifications

Ride Type:Transport
Parks:Disneyland CA
Magic Kingdom FL
Disneyland Tokyo
Disneyland Paris (DLP
Disneyland HK
Ride Duration:10-15 Minutes
RecommendationMust Do


As mentioned previously, Main Street is the gateway to every other area at a traditional Disney Park. It comes as no surprise then that when building Disneyland, Walt wanted a lot of transport style rides for this area. The Most prominent and famous of these are the Disney Railroads.

The details on this attraction, as always, are on point.

The Railroad is the crown jewel of a Disney park and, arguably, the most historically significant. If Walt Disney had not been so obsessed with steam trains and miniature railroads, Disneyland may not be the same or perhaps not even exist at all. Luckily for us these sliding doors moments are rhetorical and the Disneyland CA version has been serving park guests since July 17 1955.

Ride Description

Four out of the five Disney Parks with railroads (CA, FL, DLP, HK) circle the entire park with stations along the way. Doing the whole Disneyland loop from Main Street and back, will take you through picturesque scenery, diorama tunnels (CA only) and basically gives a great view of the entire park. This allows you to get a good overview of the area (if you have never been there before) and is a great option if you can’t be bothered battling the crowds, to get around, at the end of a long day.

Main Street USA Station, in Disneyland California.

The Tokyo version of this attraction is on a smaller scale and loops around and through the Adventureland and Critter Country areas. It is probably less of an actual transporting convenience and more of an attraction to rest your weary legs. Still recommended.

Charming, historic and beautiful, every one of the Disney Railroads really is a must do for all ages.

The best part of the Disneyland Railroad in California.

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