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Main Street Vehicles

Ride Specifications

Attraction Type:Transport
Parks: All but Shanghai
Area: Main Street USA
Ride Duration: 3-5 Minutes
Hours: Open until Main Street becomes crowded.
Recommendation:Good for children under 10


The Main Street Vehicles, while classified as transport rides, don’t take you anywhere quickly or very far, they give something different. Atmosphere. To match the theming of Main Street, all of these rides are modelled off real, turn of the century vehicles, adding an ambiance and immersiveness that can only be found at Disneyland.

Ride Description

All of the Main Street Vehicles simply go up Main Street from outside of the Station and drop you off at The Hub (Outside the Castle). New passengers are taken from The Hub, back down Main Street, to the station again.

Omnibus: An early version of a modern double-decker bus. Sitting on top gives you a great view of up and down Main Street.

Great views from the top deck of the Omnibus.

Fire Engine: More like a fire car. This vehicle has been repurposed to fit passengers.

The fire engine on its way back down Main Street, from The Hub

Horse Drawn Street Car: Looks like an old tram or trolley bus but without a motor.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Went the trolley!

Horseless Carriage: A classic automobile from 1903.

File:DisneylandDriverMainSt wb.jpg
Sore feet? Hop on board. Image: Elf


You don’t need to do any of these attractions if you are over 10 y/o and don’t have little children with you. For me they are purely atmospheric attractions.

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