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Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Attraction Type:Exhibit and Show
Parks:Disneyland California
Area: Main Street USA
Ages: Family (Not great for under 10s)
Duration:15 Minutes
Reccomendation:Not Essential


Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln has been in and out of Disneyland a couple of times, most recently reopening in 2009. It is part museum (outlining the history of Disneyland) and part show, featuring a very realistic Abraham Lincoln animatronic.

Attraction Description

The Disneyland Story Exhibition: Good little museum for gaining an insight into the life and times of Disneyland. It includes a short video, presented by Steve Martin and Donald Duck and various models/displays.  Part of the building also opens into the Disneyland Gallery, where you can see and buy Disneyland artwork, featuring artists like Thomas Kinkade.

File:The Robot, Great Moments with Mr Lincoln.jpg
The Abe Lincoln Animatronic is impressively lifelike. Image: Cory Doctorow.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln: The show is in a small theatre and begins with an eight minute biographical film about Lincoln. Then, from behind a curtain, sits a to scale version of Honest Abe, who stands and delivers lines from his famous speeches, including  the Gettysburg Address. The show then ends with a patriotic rendition of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.


If you are not that keen on a patriotic view of American history then you’ll probably want to skip this one. However, the Lincoln animatronic is impressive and worth a look. Moreover, it’s air conditioned so very nice for a hot day.

The Museum is quite interesting as well but overall wouldn’t bother taking the kids, especially if tight for time.

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