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The Cost of Happiness: Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has certainly had its fair share of critics over the years; its history quite literally resembling the metaphoric rollercoaster. This challenging past comes as no surprise considering it’s up against tourism giants like The Louvres, Eiffel Tower and Palace of Versailles.

Despite all of this, Disneyland Paris has since built its reputation on its beauty and uniquely French “Je ne sais quoi”, making it a must a do for Disney lovers.

As always, for this series, I am not here to review the parks themselves but simply provide a basic cost overview.

Remi, the star of Walt Disney Studios. Image: @lilly_christina_dlp


Let’s face it, if you’re flying all the way to Europe, you are going to be visiting everywhere. That said, with an insane amount of options to get to continental Europe, averaging out the cost of flights is a nigh on impossible task. So for the purposes of this exercise I will pretend that the first stop on your European jaunt is Paris.

Regardless of whether you have a round the world ticket or are just booking direct flights you’re probably looking at about $2,500 for your flights. This is similar to to the average cost of a return flight to LA.

There are some seriously good deals out there, where you can get flights to continental Europe for half the cost, so keep an eye out and you can save big!

Running Total: $2500

If only you could fly direct to Disneyland itself. Image: @lilly_christina_dlp


As usual, there are plenty of options to get to Disneyland Paris from wherever you find yourself.

A train ticket from the airport to the centre of Paris will cost you AUD$16, while central Paris to Marne-la-VallĂ©e currently costs AUD$12.50. That’s $57 return! Not bad at all.

Other options include the Disney Shuttle from the airport (around AUD$80 return p/p) or an Uber/Taxi will likely set you back minimum $80 one way (a good option if travelling with a few friends.)

Let’s average this section out at around $70 return.

Running Total: $2,570


As with any Disney Park the most convenient/amazing option would be to book a hotel on Disney property. This option, however, is often unrealistic for many families and those on a budget so let’s look elsewhere.

Like Disneyland in Anaheim there are actually a few budget options within 3km of the Parks. These options average out at around AUD$150 a night. Staying a minimum of four nights (three days at parks) you’re looking at $600.

Running Total: $3,170

The Disney Hotel will cost you min. $800 p/n. Image: @lilly_christina_dlp

Park Tickets

A three day unlimited entry ticket to both the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios will currently set you back AUD$300. An extra day will cost you 50 dollars more, while a one day ticket will set you back $95-120, depending on the day.

Given the fact our hotel is for four nights let’s book a three day pass.

Running Total: $3,470

Don’t forget about Walt Disney Studios. Image @lilly_christina_dlp

Spending Money

This part of your budgeting will depend on how much you can control yourself around Disney merch and snacks. If you are only paying for yourself I would set aside at least $1000.

This amount will give you plenty of options for shopping, food and ensuring you are able to experience everything you need over your four night stay.

For some tips on saving money at the parks check out our post on Penny Pinching.

Running Total: $4, 470


With no visa required for Australian citizens (unless staying for over 90 days), not too many extras are needed. Just ensure you’ve got your $500 emergency money and travel insurance ($120). If you don’t have a passport or need an upgrade add on $293.

And if you don’t want tp waste your time or miss out on anything, order an itinerary from Down Under Disney, ranging between $40 and $140.

Grand Total

And our grand total for Disneyland Paris trip is: $AUD 5,090 (not including passport or itinerary.)

Due to its size and the crazy amount of flights available, a holiday to Disneyland Paris is quite reasonably priced. If you are particularly thrifty I am sure you could knock off close to a grand.

Please keep in mind that this is a guide only and is reflective of what a standard holiday to this Disney Park should cost. Next up we check out the unique (and pricey) Tokyo Disney Resort.

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