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Cast Member Interactions: Rides

Disney theme parks have some of the best rides in the world. More than your typical ride, they are “attractions”. From 4D movies, storybook classics, to roller coasters and more, you want to ride as many as you can and wait for as little time as possible. This pressure is real for all of us. However, it does not necessarily need to be that way. As with all cast members, there are subtle ways to smooth your attractions experience. Most importantly, make like Cinderella and “have courage and be kind”. The attractions cast members know that the line is long and that you want to tick their ride off your list and race to the next. The below tips should help you cover as many off your list as you can.

File:Magic Kingdom, October 2015 - 22634435791.jpg

Cast members are intergral to your Disney experience both on and off attractions. Image thanks to Theme Park Tourist.


More than just the ride

Each attraction is a whole experience. Too often guests are all about the ride part and don’t consider the complete package. Think of the entrance, the design of the line area, the music, the costumes. Go ahead, take a step back and ask your cast member about their attraction.

This tip is a reminder to be in the moment. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the rush and neglect the magic that is all around (sounds cliche, but you know it’s true!). Your cast members have been trained on the ins and outs of their attraction. Here are a few key points to ask about:

  • Each attraction has its own detailed history. Why did things turn out the way they have? Who was involved in the imagineering process? Are there any tributes to influential cast members? Go ahead and learn a little but about the thought and effort that went into the attraction and just like magic, your wait time will feel a lot more satisfying. Heads up – a lot of thought went into the attraction, that’s a given!
  • Hidden Mickey hunt! If your cast member has a good sense of humour, which they should, they will be happy to give you some hints on where to find the hidden mickey. They might even clue you in on how many there are. The hidden mickey hunt is a great way to pass the wait time, no matter how old!

File:Disneyland park - Anaheim Los Angeles California USA (9894791385).jpg

The Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland is the perfect example of a wholistic Disney attraction. Image courtesy of Boris Dzhingarov.


Try again later

We all know that a 1.5hour wait for It’s a Small World probably isn’t the best use of time. No matter how badly you want to have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, there are better ways to go about it. The cast member at the front of the line will have insight into when the best time to line up is going to be. If you are happy to adventure somewhere else and then return to the “long line” attraction, ask for some advice!

Across all attractions, it is wise to jump in the line during periods that other guests will be preoccupied in. This includes parade times, just before the fireworks and during standard meal times. If you are happy to forgo those experiences to take advantage of a shorter wait time, then go for it! Outside of those general times, each attraction has different times where the lines are a little shorter. For instance, the attractions most appropriate for young families will typically see a shorter wait time at night, after the bubs have left the park for nap time. Checking in with the attractions cast member could save you a significant amount of magical hours. What have you go to lose?

Disneyland 13 2015-01-11.JPG

Desperately want to ride It’s a Small World? If the line looks anything like this, maybe come back later. Image thanks to Fastily.


Where am I?

As with their specific attraction, cast members know a lot about their land. That is, someone at Space Mountain should be able to tell you all about the shopping, dining and amenities in Tomorrowland. If you are wondering where the most tasty quick service option is nearby, or perhaps the best gift to pick up for the family back in Oz, ask away! More than that, if the line is too long, you can always request advice on other attractions around the park. They will be happy to help and want to see you with a smile, even if the Cars ride is a 3 hour wait… Attractions cast members are a hidden source of knowledge, why not use that insight to squeeze in a little more magic. Who knows what you will discover?

Cast Members know a lot about there attraction, land and park. All you have to do is ask!


Just Smile

Never smile at a crocodile, but always smile at attractions cast members. If you think about it, they have been standing for up to 12 hours. They are tired, their feet are sore and perhaps they have been in that one spot for a few hours – eek! More often than not, you’ll get a smile back too and perhaps another memorable moment.

There have it. Take these tips with you and you’ll find yourself enjoying a little more attraction appreciation and a little more magic. Lucky you!


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