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Doing Disney Solo (Day Time)

You time in life is great. You time in the parks is magic. Don’t take this the wrong way, but going to the parks alone is my preferred way to enjoy the magic… ha! While it is definitely special to visit a Disney park with friends and family, there is just something extra magical about strolling down main street alone. Below are my top tips for making the most out of your solo day at Disney.


Single Rider

The most obvious benefit of solo park time is the “single rider” opportunity. Lines are long and guess what, if you’re riding alone, you don’t always have to wait – woohoo! At a number of high profile attractions, there is a separate line for guests who only need one seat. The idea is that you will be squeezed into a car that has an odd number of guests already. If you don’t mind sitting next to people you don’t know, this is such a great option. After all, are you going to talk to people when you’re about to go down the big Splash Mountain drop? No. ha!

Taking advantage of the “single rider” line also means that you might even be able to enjoy your favourite attraction again and again (woot). Perhaps you could ride Indiana Jones three times in a row… I highly recommend it! As there are so many details to take in, re-riding via the speed and access the “single riders” line provides will open your eyes. Go for it!

 File:Radiator Springs Racers entrance sign.jpg

Radiator Springs Racers is another great ride to utilise as a single rider! Image credit: Harshlight.


Shop, shop, shop!

Shopping with your family is difficult at the grocery store. Shopping with your family amidst the Disney parks merchandise madness is… madness! Most merchandise locations have a bad reputation of being incredibly stressful experiences, often saved to the end of the day, when you are already exhausted and what do you know, everyone else is too. If that is your only experience, that’s a real shame. There are so many fun items that you can only find in the parks – go find them!

Without the pressure of your kids wanting to pick up every single toy, you can let yourself enjoy the shopping experience. Take your time, peruse a few options and find that memorable token to complete your trip. More than that, look around you, the shops in a Disney park also unique (no surprises there). The theming, detail and architecture is really fun in each location. If you pay attention to the effort the imagineers have gone to to complete the experience, you’ll find yourself feeling even more in the spirit. More magic? Yes please!

 File:Disneyland Emporium - panoramio.jpg

Many of the shops at Disneyland are seriously awesome! Image credit: Vamsi


No reservation? No worries!

Feeling like a treat? Of course you are, you’re at Disney! As we know, a blanket rule is that full service dining requires an ahead of time reservation. However, we also know that rules are made to be broken. If you’re feeling lucky (and hungry), it won’t hurt to see if there is a spot for one. It’s a lot easier to squeeze a single diner in than a whole group. Give it a go!


File:Blue Bayou Restaurant.JPG

No reservation at the more popular Restaurants? No worries for solo travelers. Image Credit: ARICAD


Character meet and greets

Characters are going to be welcoming and friendly to everyone (unless they are a villain, but that’s part of the fun ha). However, in my experience, they are particularly excited to chat with a solo guest. Make the most of your single time and enjoy the extra magical conversation.


Snap a better seat

Each Disney park is home to world class performances and parades. These are a real highlight of any day at Disney. However, nabbing a decent seat can mean waiting in line, or staking out a great spot on Mainstreet for hours… not ideal. In saying that, take advantage of needing just one seat and try to catch a cast member’s attention. If you smile nicely and signal that you are alone, you might be able to skip ahead when the doors open and find yourself closer to the front. As long as you don’t mind sitting between groups, or sliding into the end of a row, sitting alone will almost always secure a better view of the show!

 File:Beauty and the Beast in a Disneyland parade.JPG

Being alone at a Disney Park allows you to sneak between the crowds and get pole position, for snaps like these. Image Credit: J Brubins.


Sit back, relax and soak it all up

Disney parks are bursting at the seams with magic, that’s why we love them! The beauty of being surrounded by this magic whilst solo is that you can give yourself the freedom to really embrace it. Why don’t you grab a seat and watch the magical world go by. Even better, why don’t you grab a churro, then a seat… No judgement!


There you have part one of my two parter on Doing Disney solo. Tune in next time for the nighttime edition!


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