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This post will be part shameless plug and part informative, as Down Under Disney customer Aimee shares her experience/review/photos of her day at the very unique Tokyo DisneySea (Sister Park of Disneyland Tokyo). Enjoy!


A Day at DisneySea

When I found myself with a free day at the end of my trip to Japan it was not a difficult decision to make when someone suggested Disneyland. The hardest decision was Disneyland, or DisneySea? Having been to Disneyland in other countries I decided to check out Japan’s unique Disney Park, Tokyo DisneySea. Flying solo didn’t really concern me too much, in fact, thanks to some single rider lines it turned out to be an advantage. What did concern me was how to get the most out of my day and thanks to the awesome itinerary Anthony from Down Under Disney made for me, I was all set.

My trusty guide for the day!


As Anthony advised I got to the park half an hour before it opened and joined the line. As soon as the gates opened I went straight for my first fastpass at Toy Story Mania. My itinerary was spot on, it seemed to be the most popular ride, and with a standby queue time of 90 mins plus for most of the day, it was definitely a fastpass must have.


Toy Story Mania was insanely busy all day. The Fastpass line was just as long!


I thought I knew Disney Parks fairly well, but Anthony’s advice about fastpasses was invaluable in making sure I got on all the rides I wanted to do. Thanks to his suggestions I was able to take my time exploring parts of the park I wanted to explore while making sure I didn’t miss any of the “must do” rides. Thanks to the fast passes and single rider lines I only ended up “properly” lining up for 3 rides, not including the paddle steamer boats that took you around the park.


Incredible view of Mount Prometheus (which contains The Journey to the Centre of the Earth Ride) across Mediterranean Harbour. 


My top rides for the day were Journey to the Centre of the Earth and the Tower of Terror. The Indiana Jones and Raging Spirits rides were a lot of fun too, and easy to ride with single rider access.

For such a beautiful building there sure are a lot of screams that come from the Tower of Terror. 


When lunchtime rolled around I was able to check out Anthony’s restaurant guide to work out what I wanted to eat and chowed down after staking out a good spot for the shows. Anthony even highlighted where the best viewing spots were to get the most out of DisneySea’s amazing water parades. Tokyo DisneySea is unique in that rather than a parade through the streets, you get an amazing show on the Mediterranean Harbour. I was fortunate to be there during their Halloween promotion and got to see The Villains World along with their usual night show, Fantasmic. The scale of both shows was incredible and definitely worth taking the time to get a good spot for.


Fantasmic was spectacular! Just make sure you get in early to snag a good spot! 


Also brilliant, was the special Halloween Show: The Villains World.


I had a great time at Tokyo’ DisneySea, thanks to the help of my Down Under Disney guide. I was there when it opened at 8:30am and left when they closed the gates at 10:30pm and managed to fit in everything I wanted to do. Highly recommended service! Please find more photos of this insanely photogenic theme park below. 


More Photos of DisneySea

Can’t afford a trip to Venice? DisneySea has you covered. 


Only Disney would put a full scale, replica Steamboat parked on the water. 


Aquatopia. The brilliant take on Disney’s original Autopia!


The area within Mount Prometheus.


An indoor play area, for kids, devoted to the Little Mermaid. Features a couple of very mild rides. 


Raging Spirits: A compact, Aztec themed roller coaster. 


Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Chrystal Skull: Average film, Awesome Ride!


The magnificent two tiered Carousel, themed to Aladdin, on the Arabian Coast. 

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