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Shopping at the Disneyland Resort

While we have touched on shopping at Disneyland in Rachael’s souvenirs post (well worth a read); this post will focus solely on the shops themselves and what they sell. No, I’m not going to provide you with an overly elongated list of retailers. This would be a waste of time, as many of these establishments sell similar products (especially on Mainstreet USA). Instead, I will provide you with some “Top Tips” followed by what I believe to be the most unique places for great souvenirs.

Top Tips

Price Tag Lies: This is a super important one! With any purchase in The States, you must remember to add the extra 7.5% Sales Tax, which equates to about 10% if you include the current $US/AUD conversion rate. So those $28 Mickey and Minnie ears your buying (while essential) are actually around AUD $40.

Package Check Service: Don’t forget to utilise this brilliant, free, service. If you see something you like while wandering the park but don’t want to carry it round with you, then ask them to send  or take it to one of the many customer package check locations. Locations include: Start Traders, Disneyland Resort Stroller Shop, Elias and Company (DCA), and Port Royal.

Package Delivery: Staying in an Official Disney Hotel? You can get your packages delivered to your room for absolutely nothing. Just tell the cast member on the checkout your details.

Avoid Rush Hour: Quite simply, the last hour or two of the day (and especially after fireworks) is just horrible for shopping. Avoid like the plague and shop throughout your day (or not at all).

Don’t Get Lost: You can’t really get lost in the shops at Disneyland, like I do at Chadstone, but it is important to note that most of the shops on both sides of Main Street USA and Buena Vista street are interconnected. They also might have different facade names (i.e. Crystal Arcade and Penny Arcade) This means that the China Closet becomes the Silhouette Studio, which becomes Chrystal Arts and so on. They also might have different facade names (i.e. Crystal Arcade and Penny Arcade). The point is sometimes you don’t really know what shop your standing in so if you looking for something specific, make sure you step outside and stick together!

Disneyland Park

Shopping on Main Street USA

With very little in the way of major attractions, Main Street USA has retailers to boot, featuring over 13 shops! Half of these have similar (if not the same) products but there are a number of unique gems to keep your eye out for.

Emporium: Being one of the oldest largest and most beautiful retailers at Disneyland. It isn’t the most subtle of options but it has everything you need. Literally a one stop shop for all your toys, clothes and other souvenirs that you will probably never see or use again. In other words the Emporium is perfect for those buying gifts for family and friends.

The beautiful Emporium Building has been in existence from day one at Disneyland! Its windows have great Disney Movie displays.

Disneyana: A brilliant little shop next door to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, selling a wide variety of artwork. One of my favourites.

Silhouette Studio: If you actually did read Rachael’s souvenirs post you will know that this studio is a must. Get an on the spot, hand cut silhouette done of you and your family or pick up a pre-made Disney character one. A souvenir that you won’t be throwing out.

Silhouette Studio: Hand cut silhouettes in just 2 minutes!

China Closet: The best souvenirs you can buy are useful ones right? At this large shop, you’ll find all things homewares along with some great collectibles.

Crystal Arts: I was reluctant to put this one in my list because there’s a 95% chance that whatever you buy here won’t make the long plane ride back to Australia but it does sell some exquisite items.

Other Shops: Disney Clothiers, The Mad Hatter, Disney Showcase, Magic Shop, Main Street Photo Supply Co., Candy Palace, 20th Century Music Company, New Century Jewellery.

Shopping at Adventureland and Critter Country

Being among the smallest areas at Disneyland Adventureland and Critter Country don’t have too many options for shopping but what they do have are some well themed stores.

Adventureland Bazaar: If you are looking for some Indiana Jones merchandise or want a plush of Mickey dressed for a Safari then this well themed shop should suit your needs. It provides a good point of difference from the Main Street stores.

For all your adventuring needs, head to the Bazaar!

Pooh Corner: Despite the name this is not a toilet but a cosy little sweet shop with plenty of Winnie the Pooh souvenirs thrown in. A good place to visit post Splash Mountain.

Shopping in Tomorrowland

Not what you would call a massive shopping destination with plenty of other things to do but there are two worthwhile stores!

The Star Trader: A truly massive Star Wars shop selling everything you need from the Galaxy Far Far Away. I’ve never felt the need to buy from here but I know there are plenty of Star Wars fans that keep this place pumping out cash.

Little Green Men Store Command: The Tomorrowland version of Adventureland’s Bazaar, selling spacey themed souvenirs and toys.

Shopping in New Orleans Square

Resembling something of alleyway shopping in Melbourne, New Orleans Square features a number of boutique shops that are all unique and pretty expensive.

You wouldn’t think you’re at Disneyland, shopping in the streets of New Orleans.

Port Royal Curios and Curiosities: This is your standard themed souvenir shop of New Orleans Square. It sells plenty of Piratey souvenirs.

Le Bat en Rouge: A beautiful little shop in the heart of New Orleans Square. It’s quite pricey, selling mens and women’s apparel.

Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie: I tossed up whether I should put this one in but it is different than most other options available. It is basically just a Men’s and Women’s Perfume Shop. I’ll leave it up to you.

Other Shops: Cristal d’Orleans and La Mascarade d’Orleans

Shopping in Frontierland

Ever wanted one of those Davy Crocket Raccoon hats? There’s that and plenty more western themed merch throughout Frontierland.

Pioneer Mercantile: A large Frontierland themed shop selling everything you could possibly need for a western themed party.

One of the many facades that front the Pioneer Mercantile and Bonanza Outfitters.

Bonanza Outfitters: Plenty of clothes of all sizes; many with images of attractions sprawled across them. I mean, who doesn’t want a rollercoaster on a hoody?

Shopping in Fantasyland/Toontown

Any shop in either of these areas will be filled to the brim with toys, princess costumes and just everything children will love. If you have given your kids a small souvenir budget that they can spend on anything they want, they will most likely want to buy here (If they like classic Disney movies).

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique: Part experience, part shop; this boutique is built into the backside of the castle. Young Customers can go in and get outfitted with clothes from their favourite princesses and have photos done. It is insanely expensive for what you get. My recommendation: Buy a princess dress in Australia and wear it in the parks.

A message to budget conscious travellers: Avoid at all costs!

Fairy Tale Treasures: A large shop featuring all your royal Disney apparel.

Gag Factory – Toontown Five and Dime: Set up like a big ACME practical jokes shop; this place has a massive amount of toys, home wares and clothing, predominantly themed to the classic Disney Animation shorts. Worth a look for sure!

For all your classic Disney Character souvenirs, head to the Gag Factory.

Other Shops: The Mad Hatter (Fantasyland) and It’s a Small World Toy Shop.

California Adventure

Buena Vista Street

Being quite a bit smaller than Main Street USA, Buena Vista street was bound to have a lot less shopping experiences. However, there are plenty of unique retailers to spend your hard earned at!

Oswald’s: Before Mickey Mouse, Walt and his team created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Universal owned the rights to this character for a good eight years but was bought back by Disney in 2006. Now we have a little Petrol Station shop in California Adventure, devoted to this early creation. Here you can buy some pretty retro memorabilia! One of your best options if you like old-school souvenirs.

For all things retro Disney check out Oswald’s.

Julius Katz and Sons: If your looking for all your practical souvenirs, check out this establishment. Also deals in pins for trading purposes.

Elias and Co: Named after Walt’s Father, this shop is set up like a classic old school department store. Basically like the Emporium, you will find a massive variety of souvenirs here.

Elias and Co. is based on the classic Early 20th Century Department Store.

Other Shops: Kingswell Camera Shop, Red Trolley Treats.

Grizzly Peak/Hollywood Land

Two very different areas featuring very different retailers but there’s plenty in both areas to keep the shopaholics busy!

Rushin’ River Outfitters: A camping and adventure themed store that features of plenty of Grizzly Peak paraphernalia as well as some practical travel souvenirs. Worth a visit!

The well themed Rushin’ River Outfitters.

Off the Page: A fantastic shop for a wander, even if you don’t buy anything. It features plenty of limited edition artwork, musical souvenirs and even a Disney artist on hand to draw characters of your choice.

Get your personalised drawing from a Disney Artist at Off the Page.

The Collector’s Warehouse: If Marvel is your obsession; come down to this shop for all your superhero needs. It also acts as the exit for Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout.

Other Shops: Gone Hollywood


If you love anything auto or just like the movies then Carsland has literally everything you can imagine. I even scored myself a Piston Cup Trophy from Ramone’s!

Ramone’s House of Body Art: Despite the misleading name, this is not a tattoo parlour but it does sell some pretty awesome 1950s Cars themed products, art work and apparel.

Ramone’s is a great unique store with a massive variety of gifts!

Other Shops: Sarge’s Surplus Shop and Radiator Springs Curios.

Pixar Pier/Paradise Gardens Park

No guesses what you can purchase at Pixar Pier, with a tonne of merchandise available from the studio that brought you all your favourite animations! Paradise Gardens Park, on the other hand, offers a few shops with more of a classic boardwalk theme.

Midway Mercantile: A classic “end of the ride” souvenir shop at the exit of Midway Mania. Plenty of Toy Story souvenirs here!

If you like your Toy Story films, make a pit stop at the Midway Mercantile.

Knick’s Knacks: A shop based on the Pixar Short about the Snow Globe, there are a great deal of Pixar accessories, homewares and artworks sold here. You can also have a sketch artist do your own, unique character art. Good choice.

Seaside Souvenirs: A small 1930s Boardwalk style shop, selling beachy clothes and accessories.

A taste of the old boardwalks at Seaside Souvenirs.

Hey look at that! It did end up being a giant list of shops. Ah well, hope you found it useful! Just remember this is not every shop in existence just the ones I find the most interesting. Happy Shopping!

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